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“I've had a two bed apartment for years and the second room was just being used as a dumping ground! So I decided to take in a Lodger on a Monday to Friday basis. I advertised on and bingo, after some communication, I now have my first Lodger Steph, who is really working out great.  She arrives Sunday night and leaves Friday morning. We've become good friends and the extra cash is great too! But the cool thing is that come Friday I have the apartment to myself which is also nice It’s a win-win situation for me!”


Homeowner - Camden- London

“The long commutes from Colchester to London every day and back in the evening were taking their toll on me and my family. Tiredness was a big issue and it was affecting my job and my family life. Dare I say it, I was cranky a lot. Now I stay in London three nights a week, I work from home one day and it's absolutely perfect. I'm actually saving money and I'm able to function properly again! was a life-saver for me. I stay with George and his wife Jo and they are great! It's changed my whole perspective"


Lodger - Colchester

“To be honest, our interest in getting in a Lodger was purely financial. Our monthly mortgage repayments were putting a lot of stress on us and we had two extra bedrooms. We decided to rent one of them out on a Monday to Friday basis and the result has been wonderful. Geoff stays with us from Sunday night through to Friday morning. He is a pure gent and very tidy and to be honest we actually don't see too much of him as he stays at work late. The extra money is fantastic and has eased the pressure considerably. The only regret is that we didn't think of it earlier!”

Jess and Peter

Homeowners – Ealing - London

“Since being introduced to Fractional renting it has literally changed my life. Might sound like an overstatement but it's not. I had become used to driving and constant fatigue but since I've started renting in London Tuesday to Friday it's been just great. I get to the gym now and I'm able to relax in the evenings and weekends. And get the required sleep!”


Lodger - Durrington - Salisbury